Comprehensive Oral Exams in Westwood, MA

Comprehensive oral exams are a crucial part of preventive dental care and help you benefit from early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Westwood Dental Group performs detailed oral exams and works with patients to formulate treatment plans to resolve problems.

What to Expect from Comprehensive Oral Exams Near You

Comprehensive oral exams last roughly an hour and a half and usually take a little longer than routine dental checkups and teeth cleaning appointments.

Our skilled dentist in Westwood, MA, explains the different procedures involved in comprehensive oral exams:

Detailed Examination of Teeth, Gums and Surrounding Bone

We use an intraoral camera to check for cavities, areas of decay, hidden abscesses, and other signs of oral problems. If we notice anything, our dentist may suggest a digital x-ray for a clearer picture of the issue.

Digital X-Rays

Thanks to modern dental technology, our dental team can get a detailed, 360-degree view of the oral cavity and save these images for future reference.

Screening for Gum Disease

Our dentist in Westwood, MA, will check for gum pockets as deep pockets may indicate the onset of periodontal disease. In cases of signs like bleeding, soreness, swelling, or tenderness, we may suggest non-surgical or surgical therapies to treat the condition.

Screening for Decay and Cavities

When food debris is left behind on tooth surfaces and between the teeth, bacteria feed on them and secrete acids that degrade tooth enamel. If ignored, the bacteria works its way down to the tooth pulp and infects the nerves and bones.

Examination of Dental Prosthetics

During a comprehensive oral exam in Westwood, MA, we check existing dental prosthetics like crowns, partials, dentures, bridges for chips, cracks, or deterioration. The dentist may suggest replacement in case of problems.

Westwood Dental Group recommends getting a comprehensive oral exam done every 2-3 years. It is essential to get a comprehensive oral exam if you have had health problems or undergone any dental procedure in the recent past.

Additionally, our dentist will also perform an oral cancer screening.

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