Dental Bridges in Westwood, MA

Missing teeth can cause many problems. At Westwood Dental Group in Westwood, MA, we always encourage our patients to not waste time in replacing any missing teeth. The most obvious issue is a cosmetic one. That doesn’t mean that back teeth don’t need to be replaced.

The presence of missing teeth anywhere in the mouth can lead to problems. The higher the number of missing teeth, the more likely those complications will occur. At Westwood Dental Group, we have several methods of replacing one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are very popular among dental patients all over the country.

How Do Bridges Work?

Dental bridges are very simple in concept. A bridge uses an artificial tooth to replace a missing one. The artificial tooth is suspended on a frame that’s attached on both sides to the teeth adjacent to the gap. If you have a missing tooth with two healthy teeth on either side of it, you can use a bridge as a replacement option.

Many people falsely assume that a bridge can only replace one tooth. If you have several missing teeth and they’re all next to each other, they can be replaced by a single bridge as long as there are healthy teeth for support.

Getting a Dental Bridge

The first step is to examine the mouth and confirm that a bridge would be a reliable option in your case. It’s important to check the adjacent teeth that’ll hold the bridge. If one of them is weak, cracked, or decayed, a bridge might not be the best option. We also inform our patients in Westwood Dental Group in Westwood, MA that we’ll need to place crowns over the flanking teeth for additional strength.

Once the bridge is placed, you can go back to resuming your normal activities. You’ll need to be a little careful with what you chew and eat. Hard foods and objects can break bridges as they’re not as durable as natural teeth. Getting a dental bridge or any artificial dental product doesn’t mean that brushing your teeth isn’t important. Keeping the flanking teeth healthy and in good condition will help prolong the life of the bridge.

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