General Dentistry in Westwood, MA

One of the primary features that people look for when meeting someone is their smile. A smile can convey friendliness, warmth, and joyfulness. However, if your smile is troubling you because of how your teeth look, then an expert in general dentistry has the solutions to renew your smile so that you will be happy to show it to others.

How Dentists Fix Smiles

Our dentists at Westwood Dental Group have many ways that we can fix your smile.

For a tooth that is severely damaged, it may need extracting, or have a filling and a dental crown placed over it to make it look and function like new again. How your teeth function is even more important than how they look because they help to chew the food you need to be healthy. Also, your teeth play a role in how well you speak and express yourself.

Replacing Missing Teeth

If you’re missing teeth because of an accident or due to tooth decay, one of our talented dentists at Westwood Dental Group can suggest replacing them with dental implants. Dental implants function like natural teeth, so you can eat most things that you like to eat. The only things you may want to refrain from are hard candies and hard foods like nuts because the crowns on implants can crack or break.

Another option for replacing more than two missing teeth in the same area of the mouth are bridges or dental plates. Bridges or dental plates can improve your smile, allow you to enjoy the foods you love, and keep your remaining teeth from drifting into the open areas beside them.

Bridges and dental plates look natural, so most people in Westwood won’t be able to tell that you’ve had dental work. If your smile doesn’t make you happy, please call our general dentistry to consult with one of our experienced dentists.

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