Laser Gum Surgery in Westwood, MA

One of our over-arching goals at Westwood Dental Group is to provide innovative oral care in a full-service setting using technology and equipment to ensure that each patient receives the most advanced care available, and that includes laser gum surgery near you. If you’ve been experiencing bleeding gums and wonder if that’s a sign of periodontal disease or a painful tooth and wonder if your gums are inflamed, we hope the following information about laser surgery provides you with the reassurance you need that our dentists near you can provide top-tier treatment.

Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery Near You

FDA-approved laser gum surgery performed by our dentists in Westwood, MA, provides a few distinct advantages opposed to old-school gum surgery, which was considered invasive by nature. First, you will experience less post-procedure discomfort, less bleeding, and minimal swelling. Secondly, your recovery time is considerably less, with most patients being able to resume their normal activities the same day as their treatment. Every candidate for laser gum surgery will be different, so the best way to learn about your treatment protocol is to book an appointment at either of our offices for a personalized treatment plan.

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

Treatment options for gum disease can vary. Some patients elect to have their full mouth treated in one appointment, which can take several hours to complete, while other patients prefer to have only a portion of their mouths – either one-quarter or one-half – treated during their appointment, so there is less time spent in the dentist’s office and less time required for recovery before resuming normal activities. After an assessment of your need for laser gum surgery, our dentists will design a treatment plan that works best for your degree of gum disease.

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

Rather than continuing to wonder about the best course of treatment for your gum disease, we invite you to book an appointment now for a consultation. That way, you can have every question answered about the advantages of laser gum surgery near you.

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