Pediatric Dentist in Westwood, MA

The kids must regularly visit a pediatric dentist in Westwood, MA, for dental checkups. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry tells parents to get their kids to pediatric dentists within six months of their first tooth eruption or by the time they attain one year of age. Our children’s dentist in Westwood, MA, knows that kids get cavities when their baby teeth come in. Baby bottle decay can arise when sugary foods like milk, juice, or formula rest on the teeth for a long time.

During your first kid’s visit to our dental clinic, our dentist will check the kid’s mouth, gums, and teeth. The examination helps ensure there is no decay or gum infection. Additionally, we check for alignment as well as growth patterns.

Pediatric Dentist Near You in Westwood, MA

To provide comprehensive care, our dentistry for kids includes gum disease management, oral exams, tooth repair, and other preventive procedures. Our pediatric dentistry procedures in Westwood, MA, include:

Teeth cleaning – We perform prophylactic cleaning to do away with plaque biofilm, bacteria, and food leftovers.

Fluoride treatment – We conduct fluoride treatment to help fight decay. Fluoride combines with the enamel of the tooth to keep cavities from developing.

Sealants – Our kids’ dentist applies dental sealants to children whose back permanent and primary teeth have deep grooves. We can fill the grooves with sealants, thus protecting the teeth from bacteria that cause decay.

Fillings – We remove the damaged or decaying inner pulp before placing a filling to repair the hollow

Mouthguards – Your kid’s primary and permanent teeth must be protected during athletic sports like football and gymnastics. We custom-made mouthguards to help prevent serious facial injuries. The mouthguards soften falls or hits on the face, reducing the risk of having the teeth knocked out or broken. Additionally, our children’s dentist in Westwood, MA, custom fabricates nightguards to prevent damage to teeth through grinding and clenching.

Visit our pediatric dental clinic in Westwood, MA, to get your child examined for any oral issues. We strive to build and nurture your children’s strong oral health foundation.

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