9 Benefits of Receiving a Full Arch of Dental Implants

9 Benefits of Receiving a Full Arch of Dental Implants

Oct 01, 2022

Dental implants offer the most effective solution for restoring your bite function, jawbone health, and natural appearance when looking to replace lost teeth. Most people who have lost all or most of their teeth opt for dentures. However, dentures come with the inconveniences of possible dislodging and specialized care.

Fortunately, full arch dental implants give you a more stable and hassle-free maintenance option to replace all your natural teeth. Full arch dental implants can replace as many as 8 – 12 teeth per jaw supported by four to six dental implants. Keep reading to learn the benefits of using full-arch dental implants. Contact our dentist for full arch restoration near you.

Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

  • Prevents jawbone deterioration

Missing several or most of your natural teeth can significantly impact your jawbone. Lack of chewing stimulation causes the jawbone to weaken over time, leading to further bite function and tooth loss. Similarly, loss of jawbone volume causes the facial muscles to collapse, resulting in facial sagging, wrinkles, sunken cheeks, and premature aging.

Full arch dental implants mimic natural tooth roots and thus stimulate jawbone growth, which is essential to hold the artificial teeth sufficiently.

  • Preserves the health of the adjacent teeth

Missing several teeth can cause excess chewing pressure on the remaining teeth, causing wear and tear. It also causes the teeth to move towards the gaps, resulting in misalignments and further bite issues.

Full mouth dental implants give you a full set of teeth, helping preserve the remaining teeth’ health. Similarly, the artificial teeth ads supported by dental implants fixed to the jawbone.

They don’t need support from healthy teeth like dentures and bridges. Using healthy teeth to support a restoration significantly weakens them.

  • Improved appearance

Since full arch dental implants are supported by an implant post fixed directly to the jawbone like your natural teeth, they provide excellent stability and natural appearance. Full arch dental implants also lift your facial muscles, giving you a full and younger facial appearance.

  • Improved bite function

Full mouth dental implants are fixed into the jawbone, offering the stability and strength of a real tooth. It allows you to enjoy tougher foods as you would do with your natural tooth. With dentures, they go over the remaining teeth, gums, and bones. A significant pressure can cause them to slip out of place easily, meaning that you have to avoid tough foods.

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

Full arch dental implants are worth considering if you want to regain self-confidence and esteem. They give you a complete set of teeth, significantly transforming your smile.

Similarly, since the implants are anchored into the jawbone, they can’t slip out or move when eating, speaking, sneezing, or laughing. With dentures, they can easily dislodge, which can be embarrassing.

  • Durable

The jawbone supports full mouth dental implants, meaning they don’t need periodic replacement like dental bridges or dentures. A full arch dental bridge with excellent oral hygiene and habits can last more than 20 years. Having a long-lasting solution will ensure uninterrupted normal eating and speaking.

  • Faster healing time

Full arch dental implants can be placed at one appointment, depending on your condition. It saves you time and recovery. It saves you the hassle of having multiple surgeries from time to time. The dentist will numb you during the procedure and provide after-surgery medication to support quick recovery.

  • More comfortable

Full mouth implants are anchored into the jawbone, giving them excellent stability and comfort. After healing, you regain your bite function and can eat and speak as you did with your real teeth. Also, they won’t slip out of position.

Dentures can irritate your gums, and you need a few weeks to adjust to speaking and eating with them. Similarly, they can easily dislodge, move, or break when eating or talking.

  • Easy maintenance

Full arch dental implants are fixed into your jawbone, making them easier to clean. With dentures, you must remove when sleeping, clean them, and soak them overnight. Generally, they have high maintenance.

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