Dental Crowns in Westwood, MA

Many things in the world of medicine and dentistry are named after common items. Dental crowns and coronary arteries are named after the crowns worn by members of royal families. A dental crown acts as a cap that sits on the tooth to cover it and support it. At Westwood Dental Group in Westwood, MA, we fit dozens of patients with crowns each month.

Patients need crowns for different reasons. Our dentists will examine you and determine whether a crown would be the best option for your tooth. They have more than enough experience to provide patients with precise and high-quality crowns.

Dental Crown Indications

You and someone close to you might both have crowns despite not having the same dental problem. This is because dental crowns help in a variety of dental situations. Many people get crowns because their teeth are cracked or weak. When a tooth is weak, it’ll be more likely to break with mild trauma or regular chewing. Placing a crown over it protects it, so it lasts longer.

Large cavities can be treated using fillings or onlays. Additionally, crowns can be used for cosmetic purposes. If a tooth is discolored and resistant to teeth whitening, it can be covered by a veneer or a crown.

Traditional and Same-Day Crown

Getting a dental crown can take one or two days, depending on the service available. At Westwood Dental Group, we offer same-day crowns. Traditionally, it takes two visits to get a crown. During the first visit, the tooth is measured, and an impression is made. The impression is sent to a lab for the manufacturing of the crown.

Same-day crowns, however, only require a single visit. We’ll digitally scan the tooth and use a printing machine in the office to create the crown. This can take a couple of hours so you can go home or back to work and come back the same day so we can place the crown.

After placing the crown, we’ll make sure it fits properly and doesn’t affect your bite. You can then go back to resume your day.

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