Hard & Soft Tissue Grafting in Westwood, MA

Our periodontist in Westwood, MA, has the experience, skill, and technology needed for gentle yet effective hard and soft tissue grafting near you.

Learning that you have bone loss or gum tissue that has been destroyed from gum disease is never fun. But receiving top-rated care from our board-certified periodontist is only an appointment away.

The Difference Between the Two Procedures

Hard tissue grafting involves the hard tissue — or bone — of your oral cavity, whereas soft tissue grafting involves the soft areas of your mouth such as your gums. Both types of tissue can be negatively impacted by gum disease and require separate treatment protocols for gum disease therapy or as a precursor for a dental implant.

Our Commitment to Advanced Dental Care

Our dentists near you are committed to providing advanced dental care to protect your oral health. As such, we use advanced technology and computer-guided surgery to ensure that procedures such as hard and soft tissue grafting are not only minimally invasive but provide stress-free aftercare.

Different materials can be used in each treatment, and our dentists in Westwood, MA, will discuss the benefits of each material, as well as the drawbacks if any, so you can make the best decision for your treatment plan.

When you visit one of our offices for a consultation and treatment plan, we’ll provide you with complete information about the timing and cost of your hard or soft tissue graft so you’ll know exactly what to expect in your treatment, including post-care instructions.

Why You Should Not Delay Treatment

Hard and soft tissue grafts are considered exceptionally effective to preserve not only your oral health but your general health too. When treatment is ignored, patients experience an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and more. Receive the care you need by making an appointment today using our convenient online booking tool.

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