Bone Grafting in Westwood, MA

For some patients, the thought of having a bone graft in conjunction with their oral health can sound scary, but our dentists near you at Westwood Dental Group have the experience, skill, and technology that’s needed to ensure your procedure is as gentle as possible, including the use of sedation dentistry if requested. Having information about bone grafting near you can go a long way to provide additional comfort, so we hope the following provides the insight you need to understand more about the benefits of this procedure.

Benefits of Bone Grafting Near You

Progressive bone loss in your jawbone can occur without you even being aware of it, but it can impact your smile in several ways. First, if you’ve had a missing tooth that has not been replaced, bone loss can be reduced to as much as 25 percent during the first year.

When that happens, your gum tissue will also decrease, which may limit the types of tooth replacement options that can be used to help restore your smile. If you’ve lost a tooth recently or had one extracted, it’s better to seek tooth replacement sooner rather than later to limit your chances of needing bone grafting as a part of your tooth replacement procedure.

You Have a Choice in Materials

When you visit our offices in Westwood, MA, for your bone grafting consultation, we’ll discuss the materials that can be used during your procedure. These options include using a portion of your bone, an animal or cadaver bone, or a synthetic material. We’ll make sure that you understand the nuances pertinent to each option so you can make the choice that’s best for you.

Keep in mind, however, that there may be certain limitations of the material used based on the amount of grafting that’s required for your procedure since treatment falls into three classifications: a minor bone graft, a medium bone graft, and a major bone graft.

Get the Information You Need Today

Rather than wondering about bone grafting near you, why not book an appointment with our dentists to have your questions answered. Making an appointment is as simple as using our convenient online booking tool or calling one of our offices to speak to a member of our dental care team.

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