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As a multi-specialty dental practice, our greatest joy is to transform our patients’ smiles into beautiful, healthy masterpieces. We spare no resources in ensuring you get the smile that you deserve. Whether you’re dealing with minor dental issues or complex problems, we’re here for you. Our highly skilled and passionate dental team has cumulative experience spanning decades, and you can be sure you’ll be in the most capable hands. As a result of our unwavering commitment to providing excellent service to our patients, we have established ourselves as a preferred provider of specialty dental care in Westwood, MA.

Dental Implants

For patients struggling with tooth loss, it often seemsnearly impossible to visualize a light at the end of the tunnel. Tooth loss can be devastating, and often comes with a myriad of challenges including bite problems, facial collapse, difficulties when chewing as well as self-confidence issues.

At Westwood Dental Group, we have years of experience in restoring lost teeth via dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts or artificial tooth roots that support replacement teeth such as dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. Implants transform your smile naturally and allow you to smile and chew as you would with your natural teeth.

We provide different types of implants, including conventional implants as well as All-On-Four implants, mini dental implants, and immediate load dental implants.

Full Arch Restoration

Have you recently suffered significant tooth loss that has left you missing most of your teeth? Full arch restoration allows you to replace an entire arch of teeth. Full arch restoration utilizes implant-supported dentures.

Implant-supported dentures are a combination of tooth implants and complete dentures. Unlike conventional dentures which utilize suction cup effect and dental adhesive to stay in place, implant-supported dentures are held firmly in place by artificial tooth roots that are inserted in the jawbone.

Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease, also periodontal disease, is a severe infection and inflammation of gum tissues, usually brought on by an accumulation of plaque and tartar as a result of poor dental hygiene. Untreated gum disease poses severe risks and complications, including tooth loss.

Common symptoms of periodontal disease include reddened or swollen gums, unexplained bleeding, pain when chewing, bad breath, and loose teeth. Should you take note of any of these signs, get in touch with our dentist in Westwood, MA, immediately.

When caught in good time, gum disease can be treated non-invasively via scaling and root planing. Periodontal disease that is in its more advanced stages may require surgical intervention.

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