Preventive & Restorative Dentistry in Westwood, MA

Are you looking for a patient-focused dental practice that believes in providing excellent, compassionate care to all its patients? Look no further than Westwood Dental Group.

At Westwood Dental Group, we are passionate about healthy smiles. We know that dental health impacts our overall health, and that’s why we work hard to ensure that all our patients have the chance to experience excellent oral well-being. We have invested in the most innovative dental technology to ensure efficiency and patient satisfaction.

We’re a leading dental practice that is renowned for excellent preventive and restorative dentistry in Westwood, MA. Whether you’re hoping to avoid dental problems or are struggling with one, our dentists are on hand to give you the personalized dental care you need.

Comprehensive Oral Exams

Comprehensive oral exams are crucial components of preventive dentistry. During a comprehensive oral exam, also known as complete oral evaluation, our dentist in Westwood, MA, conducts a thorough assessment of your oral health. Our dentist checks for signs of dental caries, gum disease, bite problems, TMJ issues, and oral cancer, among others.

Comprehensive oral exams are performed during your first visit to one of our dental offices, and every three to five years after that.


Even with regular brushing and flossing, food debris and bacteria can still sneak into the grooves of our teeth. For individuals with deep grooves in their back teeth, the risk for cavities is especially high. Dental sealants are plastic or resin coatings that seal off the back teeth, thus keeping your tooth enamel protected against cavity-causing plaque, tartar, and bacteria. Dental sealants are highly recommended for children, especially between the ages of 6 and 14, when they’re susceptible to cavities.


For individuals who’ve suffered tooth loss, dentures are a quick, effective, and painless way of restoring a smile. Dentures are false teeth that are supported by a plastic, pink, or gum-colored base. Depending on the extent of your tooth loss, you may require partial or full dentures. There’s also the option of implant-supported dentures. These are false teeth that are held in place by tooth implants or artificial tooth roots.

Non-Surgical Gum Disease Therapy

Periodontal disease, otherwise called periodontitis or gum disease, is a serious gum infection that often leads to tooth loss. In its early stages, periodontal disease can be treated through non-surgical gum disease therapy, also known as scaling and root planing.

Scaling and root planing, better known as deep cleaning, is the extensive removal of plaque and tartar deposits from below and above the gum line. Non-surgical periodontal therapy is the first-line of treatment for patients struggling with gum disease. Extreme cases of gum disease may require surgical interventions such as gum grafting, pocket reduction surgery, and bone grafting.

Root Canal Therapy

When the inside of your tooth is severely damaged or decayed, such that dental fillings cannot repair your tooth, root canal treatment may be necessary. Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic treatment, involves the removal of damaged, decayed, or diseased pulp tissue from the tooth root canals. Root canal therapy ensures you can keep your tooth and forego an extraction.

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