Partials and Full Dentures in Westwood, MA

Neglecting your teeth can lead to losing many of them to tooth decay and having a smile that embarrasses you. However, you don’t need to live with tooth loss because our dentists at Westwood Dental Group have several options for replacing teeth.

Your options include replacing teeth with partials and full dentures to allow you to have the full function of teeth and a great smile.

Opting for Partials

If you have a few missing teeth on an upper or lower jaw, but the opposite jaw isn’t affected by tooth decay, then you may want to opt for partials in Westwood, MA instead of full dentures. The most important aspect of replacing teeth is to have their function back so that you can eat and speak as normally as possible.

As long as your teeth are healthy along the other jaw, you don’t need to get a full set of dentures to replace all your teeth. A partial can fit onto the upper or lower jaw and stay in place with the help of an adhesive, or you can have them connect to your jaw via mini dental implants.

One of our dentists at Westwood Dental Group in Westwood, MA can place mini implants under the gums that attach to the partial, allowing it to act more like your natural teeth.

Full Denture Sets

If you have teeth on both jaws that are decayed, then you might want to get a full set of dentures. It will allow you to replace all your bad teeth and remove the chances of infection from your mouth. Infection from decayed teeth is dangerous because it can easily get into your bloodstream and spread to your vital organs.

The heart is especially susceptible to infection and can be permanently damaged by it. However, by replacing the teeth for dentures, our dentists at Westwood Dental Group near you in Westwood, MA can eliminate a cause of decay and potential infection. It will also allow you to have functioning teeth and a great smile once again.

If you’re curious about the procedure for getting a partial or a full set of dentures, set up a consultation with one of our dentists at Westwood Dental Group in Westwood, MA.

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