Can I Smoke After Getting Veneers?

Can I Smoke After Getting Veneers?

May 01, 2022

A veneer is a thin composite resin or porcelain that permanently replaces tooth imperfections like a slightly broken tooth stained or chipped tooth. It is mainly used on the front teeth since it’s bonded on the front surface using a unique adhesive.

Veneers are essential since they play a significant role in enhancing your smile. Having a great smile leaves a lasting impression on the people you meet. They correct aesthetic problems of your teeth as well as some physical ones.

If you require a cosmetic makeover of your teeth and smile, you can receive veneers in Westwood, MA. They are fixed at Westwood Dental Group – Formerly the office of Dr. Donald J. McLellan, thanks to their many years of experience.

Can You Smoke After Veneers?

Veneers are porcelain and are impervious to stains and discolorations. Smoking will not alter the original color of your veneers. Even so, smoking is dangerous both to overall health and dental health. It causes massive discoloration on teeth, and you should stop if possible.

Although cigarettes cannot stain veneers, the composite that attaches the veneers to the corresponding teeth does get discolored. You’ll get brownish edges on your teeth if you continue smoking after getting veneers.

It is highly advisable to quit smoking after getting porcelain veneers. The porcelain veneers only mask the tooth from direct exposure to cigarette or cigar smoke. Your tooth’s natural structure gets stained by tobacco fumes and could potentially cause additional dental problems.

Tobacco fumes are very toxic, and they severely stain the teeth causing them to appear yellow or brown. It also increases the chance of getting other dental problems such as acidic erosion, bad breath, tooth decay, and weakening of your teeth. Considering the side effects of tobacco products, smoking after getting veneers is an ill-conceived idea due to the adverse secondary effects.

Furthermore, smoking is a substantial causative agent of gum recession and periodontal disease. These dental problems are very lethal and may contribute to tooth loss. If you get periodontal disease, it may lead to tooth loss, irrespective of whether you have veneers.

Many people visit the Westwood dentist for cosmetic procedures to address the effects of smoking tobacco. Porcelain veneers are the most versatile and practical techniques to combat smoking signs. The dentist also gives you extensive advice on why you should stop smoking tobacco after getting veneers fixed.

How Veneers Reverse the Effects of Smoking

Firstly, it’s important to note that veneers only treat the stain and discoloration bit and not the other dental issues caused by smoking. First, the dentist treats the other dental issues then porcelain veneers make cosmetic finishing touches. The teeth look clean, white, and bright.

How to Place Porcelain Veneers

When placing veneers, they should fit perfectly and align with your natural teeth. The dentist first removes a thin layer of your tooth enamel to ensure they don’t look awkward. Once finished with the removal, an impression of the tooth is taken and sent to a dental laboratory.

It is custom-made using impression taking and sent back to the dentist’s office. The cosmetic dentist first checks whether it will fit perfectly. The dentist uses a unique adhesive to bond the veneer on the ground tooth if it passes that stage.

Replacing Veneers

Veneers perfectly mask problems associated with smoking. If your teeth are severally affected by smoking, the dentist first removes the porcelain veneers to treat the underlying damage, then replaces the veneer. This process is lengthy, costly, and time-consuming. You can thus avoid going through all the trouble by choosing to avoid smoking once you receive veneers.


It’s essential to stop smoking after getting porcelain veneers because you will maintain your dental health and, at the same time, prevent numerous dental complications. Veneers only mask the discoloration factor and not the severe dental problems caused by smoking.

If smoking only causes staining and discoloration of the teeth, you would comfortably smoke after getting veneers. Nonetheless, there are other oral complications associated with smoking. Dental Veneers prevent you from monitoring your oral health effects, especially for persons still smoking.

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