Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Redesign Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Redesign Your Smile

Feb 01, 2021

Achieving the smile that you have always desired is not a far-fetched concept anymore. You will be thrilled to know that there is a way you can redesign, restructure, and improve your smile, thanks to cosmetic dentistry near you.

Cosmetic dentistry offers various dental procedures that you can opt for to take your smile to the next level. In essence, cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening near you can transform your smile from being plain and dull to being eye-catching and unforgettable.

There is no reason not to improve your smile; after all, our smiles are one of the most unique and unforgettable facial attributes.

Several cosmetic dental procedures can be performed to enhance your smile. Our dentist is willing and available to work with you in selecting the treatments you need to transform your smile.

Perks Of Improving Your Smile

More often than not, people think that improving one’s smile is all about adding an aesthetic value to your smile. In truth, there is more to it than this. Several perks can come with improving your smile, and here are a few to help encourage you to do so:

  • It Will Improve Your Oral Health

Opting to improve your smile will be beneficial to your oral health. Before undergoing any cosmetic dental procedure, our dentist will have to ensure that you are currently not suffering from any dental issues.

Dental health complications like tooth decay and periodontal disease will have to be sorted out before your smile can be cosmetically transformed. Apart from this, some cosmetic procedures are aimed at dealing with and correcting dental issues.

Procedures such as tooth bonding fix chipped and broken teeth that can compromise your dental health. Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign® can deal with misalignment issues that affect your oral health.

In the end,your smile will not only be flawless, but it will be healthy as well.

  • Boosting Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

Enhancing your smile will do wonders for your self-esteem. When you feel good about your smile and how it looks, you will be confident to interact and socialize when the need arises.

Dealing with dental issues such as stained teeth can boost your confidence and self-esteem by helping you love what you see. This will be reflected directly in how you interact with the world around you every day.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Restructure Your Smile

These are some of the cosmetic dental processes offered at our cosmetic dental office near you that can do wonders in improving your smile:

  • Veneers

Dental veneers are thin, customized porcelain shells used to correct dental issues such as stained chipped, cracked, or crooked teeth. They are usually stuck to the front part of the affected teeth to conceal the flaws and restore the teeth.

  • Invisalign

Tooth misalignment and malocclusions can negatively impact both your smile and oral health. Invisalign is one of the popular orthodontic treatment plans we offer at our cosmetic dental practice. This treatment is inconspicuous and designed to gradually shift your teeth into their desired positions in about 18 weeks.

The Invisalign clear braces come in a customized set, with each series being worn for one to weeks before moving on to the next set in the series.

  • Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure undertaken to solve dental issues such as decayed, stained, or structurally damaged teeth. The process involves using a tooth-colored resin applied to the affected teeth, sculptured, and cured under a high-intensity light.

It is sculptured to resemble the texture and shape of the surrounding teeth. This procedure works by concealing the affected portion of the teeth restoring your smile flawlessly.

  • Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Westwood can transform your smile in a matter of hours. There is nothing that sends a statement like a dazzling white smile. Getting your teeth whitened can help complete your smile makeover.

Undergoing professional teeth whitening near you can help you look years younger and stand out remarkably.

If you are thinking of revamping and transforming your smile, do not hesitate to contact us today at Westwood Dental Group, formerly the Office of Donald J. McLellan, DDS, for all our cosmetic dental procedures.

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